Bedside Table Styling 101

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Bedside Table Styling 101

Our three tips to creating the perfect bedside…

1. Grab your essentials! There is no point creating a beautiful bedside vignette if it will have to be moved to make way for your essentials every night. Keep it minimal: think phone and charger, diary or book of the moment and any other keepsakes like a trinket dish for jewellery or a photo you love. 

2. Layer it up. We love books as a base for styling. Conveniently, this means your journal, diary or book of the moment works both practically and aesthetically. 

3. Add some life and personality. This is where you can add sentimental items such as photos, vases with flowers and a candle to create some ambiance. Either fresh flowers or a plant is a must to add some life.

Don’t forget to consider a space for your phone to charge. We keep ours behind the pretty things! Shop our collection today to get the perfect bedside decor piece!


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